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  • $10.00

    The Bright Bay | Vape Pen Battery fits all 510 thread cartridges. It is not quite universal, however it is by far the most common cartridge size on the market. It is extremely easy to use. There are no confusing buttons or modes. Just plug in the vape pen battery to the included USB charger into any usb port to charge.

    Bright Bay | Vape Pen Battery Specifications

    – Brand: Bright Bay
    – Rechargeable battery 350 mah
    – Fits all 510 cartridge thread size
    – USB charger cord included

    Why Vape?

    Many modern cannabis users are turning to vaporizers. There are many reasons for this. First of all, it is a healthier option than smoking. Secondly, vapour is less offensive than smoke, so you can comfortably vape walking down the street! Lastly, you avoid certain cannabis stigmas. Nicotine vapes are also very popular and accepted socially. As a result, the cannabis vape pen aligns itself with the same social acceptance.