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    Extraction Style: Hash

    Technique: Lebanese

    Consistency: Soft, Easy to press/crumble/sprinkle

    Effect: Relaxed, buzzy

  • $10.00$36.00

    Brand: Pacific Reserve
    Type: THC
    Quantity: 1 gram per container
    THC Content: 40-50%

    It is recommendable that you store the strain in a cool and dry location because of its soft texture.

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    Moon Rocks made in house ! Smoke & Enjoy!! 

    PRODUCT: Tasty indica nugs heavily coated in black hash oil, then rolled in Death Bubba Kief.  

    HOW TO USE:  Place your moonrock nug and pair of scissors in the freezer for 5 minutes. Take both out & break up nug by cutting it up with cold scissors. Mix with freshly ground weed onto a paper, roll and smoke OR mix with freshly ground weed & pack into a bowl. Best if you smoke one of these two ways.

    WARNING: DO NOT try to grind nug in your grinder. It’ll just get you grinder all sticky & waste all the black hash oil. DO NOT try to roll a pure Moon Rock joint. Not because we don’t think you can handle it, just because hash oil will make the joint too sticky to smoke and then it’ll be another waste of the moon rock.

  • kief cannabis delivery canada

    Brand: Pacific Reserve
    Quantity: 1 gram per container

    Get a little of this and a little of that, flavour is the spice of life!