Classic PreRoll Joint Packs

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Brand: Canadian High Society PreRolls
Type: PreRoll Joint
Weight: half (.5) gram or more
Papers: Organic White or Brown cones




CHS PreRolls are the best on the Vancouver cannabis market. They’re all rolled fresh every week (so you never get a pre-roll thats been sitting around for months)!

Our PreRolls are machine rolled with over a half gram of flower in each joint. Weight varies on fluffiness of flower, but we make sure they are packed just right for your smoking needs.

Prerolled joints are typically rolled in  strain-specific flavours and vary potency.

CHS PreRoll joints are ready to smoke. They eliminate the hassle of grinding, rolling, and sealing cannabis flower into a joint.

They’re so popular and affordable we can barely keep them on the shelf.

Buy one, five, or ten today!

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1 Pack, 5 Pack, 10 Pack


Romulan (indica), OG Kush (indica), Tropicana Orange (sativa), Blueberry Haze (hybrid)


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Classic PreRoll Joint Packs

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